Describing The Process

girl taking notes on notepad


We first have a meeting to discuss the clients needs and vision for a video. We try to assess the type of video content that will best transmit the message. This could be an animation using whiteboard or other applications. We may use actual video of real life characters or mix it with animations.

whiteboard with markers and eraser


Once we have a general idea of how we want to approach the message then we actually create the story board. This story line is a map that allow us to shape the dialogue. This process is to transform the client’s vision into a manageable process.

sound console with faders


The storyboard creates the outline for the sound track or voiceover. That's the audio message acting as  the foundation of any video. If it's music then it sets the mood and if it's dialogue it speaks the message. This is a critical piece that we believe has equal importance to any video.

digital camcorder


Finally, it's time to craft the video images. If it's video recording we do that on-site or in studio depending on the needs of the client. We then begin to sew all the pieces together utilizing graphics and animations.

video editing on laptop


When we are at a midway point we have client meetings to discuss the direction and make any midpoint corrections. The first full render is then produced and and sent to the client for modifications. These changes are made and shared to finalize the production.